About Us

Yoga is quickly becoming the world’s favourite activity not just for gaining physical fitness but also for achieving mental well-being.

Yet, it’s not an uncommon sight to see people performing yogasanas in generic sportwear.

This is just not right.

Zenidhi was inspired by the simple idea to change that. As India’s first functional yogawear brand, Zenidhi’s products are specifically engineered to let you perform yoga in the most comfortable way possible. Tailormade using premium fabrics, Zenidhi’s products contain features that have been strategically incorporated to make your daily stretches, bends, inversions and hops as comfortable as possible without distracting you to pull, push, roll, tuck or untuck what you are wearing.

So whether you are challenging yourself with asanas, cleansing your body with pranayama or clearing your mind with dhyana, Zenidhi will be the right fit for you. Always.